: I refer the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) to the following media... (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet)

Title: I refer the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) to the following media coverage:http://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/public-service/john-lloyd-pinup-boy-of-impartiality-20171102-gzdade.htmlhttps://www.crikey.com.au/2017/10/24/libertarians-get-a-helping-hand-from-government/http://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/public-service/aps-commission-refuses-to-release-records-of-john-lloyds-contacts-with-ipa-20180107-h0evs7.htmlwhich intimates that the Public Service Commissioner, Mr John Lloyd, has acted corruptly, unlawfully and/or otherwise improperly.One would expect, and the public interest would require, that in the normal course of an ethical and apolitical public service, that the Secretary of PMC, being the head of the public service, would take an interest in such allegations.Accordingly, I seek access to documents held by the Secretary of PMC that concern the matters alluded to in the articles mentioned above.Appreciating the volume of documents held by the Secretary, the scope of my request is limited to:documents that exist as emails (including any attachments);documents that fall within the date range 23 October 2017 to the date of this application; anddocuments that contain the words: a)"John Lloyd" and/or "Lloyd"; as well as b) "IPA" and/or "Institute of Public Affairs".Further, I'm happy for the personal information of anyone who's not a public servant/MP/Minister to be redacted from relevant documents.On the basis of the tightly defined scope set out above, the Department need only conduct a handful of searches (using the key terms referred to above) of *ALL* items (my emphasis) in the Secretary's email client (likely Microsoft Outlook) to quickly determine whether the Secretary holds any documents the subject of my request (and whether the Secretary has, in the general public interest, considered and/or inquired into the misconduct described).
Note: Released in part


ID: FOI/2018/215