: Documents created since 2010 relating to the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program. (AusAid)

Title: Documents created since 2010 relating to the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program.
Documents created since 2010 relating to the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program.
Documents 1–10
Document 1—Annual Work Plan Application—ALP—2010–11 [PDF 633kb]
Document 2—ALP Grant Agreement Deed—15 January 2010 [PDF 1.3mb]
Document 3—Annual Work Plan Application—ALP 2011–12 [PDF 119kb]
Document 4—Annual Activity Statement—ALP 2012–13 [PDF 168kb]
Document 5—ALP Grant Agreement Deed—31 Jul 2012 [PDF 1.4mb]
Document 6—LP Annual Work Plan—2010–11 [PDF 992kb]
Document 7—LP Annual Work Plan—2011–12 [PDF 800kb]
Document 8—LP Grant Agreement Deed—31 Jul 2012 [PDF 1.5mb]
Document 9—AG Grant Agreement Deed—19 April 2011 [PDF 3.3mb]
Document 10—Annual Work Plan—Greens 2011–12 [PDF 203kb]
Documents 11–20
Document 11—AG Annual Activity Statement—2012–13 [PDF 47kb]
Document 12—AG Grant Agreement Deed—31 July 2012 [PDF 1.2mb]
Document 13—APPDP review report 2011—final [PDF 510kb]
Document 14—ALP Interim Acquittal Feb 2010–Oct 2010 [PDF 143kb]
Document 15—ALP Progress Report 2010 [PDF 1.6mb]
Document 16—ALP Interim Acquittal non-ODA 30 June 2011 [PDF 901kb]
Document 17—ALP Interim Acquittal ODA 30 June 2011 [PDF 675kb]
Document 18—ALP Progress Report July–Oct 2011 [PDF 569kb]
Document 19—ALP Interim Acquittal non-ODA July–Dec 2011 [PDF 114kb]
Document 20—ALP Interim Acquittal ODA July–Dec 2011 [PDF 93kb]
Documents 21–30
Document 21—ALP Progress Report July–Dec 2011 [PDF 568kb]
Document 22—ALP Non-ODA Program Progress Report July–Oct 2011 [PDF 280kb]
Document 23—ALP Non-ODA Program Progress Report July–Dec 2011 [PDF 229kb]
Document 24—ALP Interim Acquittal non-ODA Jan–April 2012 [PDF 106kb]
Document 25—ALP Interim Acquittal ODA Jan–April 2012 [PDF 111kb]
Document 26—ALP audited statement of accounts [PDF 3.6mb]
Document 27—LP Acquittal 09–10FY and 10–11FY—7 June 2011 [PDF 1.2mb]
Document 28—LP Acquittal 09–10 FY 10–11FY and 11–12FY—1 May 2012 [PDF 736kb]
Document 29—letter Liberal to AusAID Acquittal [PDF 839kb]
Document 30—letter Liberal to AusAID work programs [PDF 991kb]
Documents 31–40
Document 31—AG Program Completion Report April 2011–June 2012 [PDF 2.2mb]
Document 32—AG Program Completion Report April 2011–October 2012 [PDF 936kb]
Document 33—AG Interim Acquittal April–Oct 2011 [PDF 82kb]
Document 34—AG Independent Auditor's report on the Final Acquittal August 2012 [PDF 133kb]
Document 35—Email APPDP Classes of travel and other matters [PDF 64kb]
Document 36—APPDP Travel Policy [PDF 61kb]
Document 37—Notes for ALP telecon 15 Dec [PDF 104kb]
Document 38—Email Australian political parties for development agreement [PDF 196kb]
Document 39—Draft Revised APPDP grant deed and Guidelines update [PDF 1mb]
Document 40—annotated Email Liberal to AusAID 23 May [PDF 1.4mb]
Documents 41–49
Document 41—Email Draft APPDP agreement [PDF 68kb]
Document 42—Email Australian political parties for development agreement [PDF 349kb]
Document 43—Email AusAID to Liberal 24 May [PDF 2.1mb]
Document 44—Draft Email APPDP update (ALP) [PDF 354kb]
Document 45—Email APPDP update [PDF 389kb]
Document 46—Email two questions on APPDP [PDF 81kb]
Document 47—Email Further amendments to ADDP [PDF 220kb]
Document 48—Email APPDP update [PDF 469kb]
Document 49—Email AAPPDP update following phone conversation with Trudy and Peter [PDF 442kb]


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