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: Case filePolicies on handling complaints (Private Health Insurance Ombudsman)

Title: Case filePolicies on handling complaints
Complainant's case file (personal)
PHIO Dispute Resolution Manual
Note: Dispute Resolution Manual(PDF)


ID: 2012/01

: XML extract of SIS data (Private Health Insurance Ombudsman)

Title: XML extract of SIS data
Released XML data for 27 insurers who authorised release. Data of other 8 insurers withheld. Extract completed on 3 April after payment of FOI access fee of $1420. Premiums and policy details correct as at 3 April 2014.
Note: Contactdocument.write(do_decrypt('6731 6719 2437 5126 5527 6342 3939 6662 5924 2437 6342 1102 4259 6342 4419 1102 5363 6642'))as file size is too large to link on this site.


ID: 2013/01
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